You are reminded each time you visit: Nowhere is human kindness more effortless than on these islands, and no one seems more genuinely happy than the Hawaiian people.

Resort Owner Bill Child with the housekeeping staff. Photo: Jennifer Hedayat

Just saying “aloha” to someone is a stress reliever.

You pull up to the Koloa Landing® entrance and two valets approach your Jeep, as pleased to see you as a couple of friends awaiting your arrival. Their welcoming banter and easy way sets the tone for the rest of your stay.

Then there’s the groundskeeper in a golf cart full of potted plants who leaves his task to lead you all the way to your villa’s building.

Koloa Landing® Engineers. Photo: Jennifer Hedayat

You also meet Jordan, the poolside attendant who doles out friendly insider tips as readily as he does the resort’s striped towels. When one of the builders resolves a possible leak in your shower, you end up chatting for 20 minutes about Kauai folklore and the little-known hikes he insists you have to take. All who care for you at the resort feel like the kind of folks you would enjoy hanging out with over a mai tai. (Oh yeah — and then there’s the bartender, Jake, who is every bit as chill as his signature cocktails.)

Ike Cockett, Bill Child and Todd Hadley – Day of the property blessing, March 2017. Photo: Jennifer Hedayat

Ohana abounds

May Bueno has lived on Kauai since the age of five. She started working at Koloa Landing® the day it opened in 2010 as a young, shy room attendant.

May Bueno, Assistant Housekeeping Manager, in her element.

Today she is Assistant Housekeeping Manager, helping oversee 55 staff members who keep the villas spotless and the grounds serene. She feels the spirit of ohana in her entire staff. “They are all team players,” May says. “We constantly work together to make things better.”

Once while cleaning a lanai, May discovered a wasps’ nest. She called engineering for a ladder so she could clear it out. When the engineers arrived, they were happy to clean it up for her. “No matter what department you are in,” she says, “if you need assistance someone is there to help. We are a family.”

Treston Sagocio is an old soul.

Treston Sagocio, server extraordinaire at the Holoholo Grill.

Born and raised in Koloa’s sugar mill camps, Treston loves to surf and relax on the beach with his new baby daughter. He is also one of the resort’s newest employees, working as a server at the Holoholo Grill. ”I’m not just waiting tables,” says Treston. “I like to get to know the guests, giving them a little history and some fun things to go do. I love when they come back and say, ‘Hey, we checked this out — thanks for the recommendation!’”

Treston is grateful for this new career at Koloa Landing® where he was promoted almost right away. He says he gets great support from both management and fellow employees. “We all work as one. It’s like a canoe — it’s one motion,” says Treston. “That’s what I like about Koloa Landing®. Everybody makes eye contact. They smile. There is no overcast or shade. There is always a light on you.”

Employment Opportunities at Koloa Landing® Resort

Jovelyn Aquino, Inspectress & May Bueno, Assistant Housekeeping Manager.

If you think a career at Koloa Landing® would be a good fit for you, please click the link below for a list of positions available at the property, or email Pamai Cano in our Human Resources Department at [email protected]. She would love to hear from you.

Koloa Landing Employment Opportunities


By Erica Karlin, Koloa Landing®

Photos by Jennifer Hedayat