Where to Find the Best Luaus on Kauai

Update July 2017 :: Koloa Landing® Resort is proud to announce the newest luau on Kauai – the Royal Luau. Hosted on the Garden Lawn next to the Grand Ballroom, Koloa Landing® Resort’s Luau features a menu unlike any other luau on Kauai, imagined by world-famous chef, Sam Choy. Click here to read more about the experience and purchase tickets.

Most vacationers on Kauai and throughout all of the Hawaiian Islands want to experience a luau while they are here. But where can you find the best luaus on Kauai? We believe the best combination is a luau which offers a traditional and authentic experience, with great food and entertainment, and a fun atmosphere for the entire family, regardless of age. Here are our two favorite and most highly recommended luaus.

Luau Kalamaku

Held at the historic Kilohana Plantation and its beautiful and fully restored estate grounds, this is a highly rated and well regarded experience. The Luau Kalamaku is Kauai’s only theatrical luau, which means it’s actually telling a story of the first Hawaiians to land on the islands.

They offer several different packages and luau experiences, including added options such as a special plantation train ride, and the ability to explore the estate restaurant and many shops. The Luau begins with live music, dancing, and storytelling, and then the traditional imu ceremony. Guests then enjoy a buffet feast, followed by more live music and hula dancing, and the after dinner the main show, including more highlights such as fire dancing.

Smith’s Tropical Luau

Smith’s Tropical Luau is a long-running, well known and traditional luau experience, providing a celebration of traditions and the history of the islands and its people. Held along the Wailua River on beautiful, private grounds, Smith’s Tropical Luau says that the heart of any luau is the feast, and the music is the soul.

The experience begins with the traditional imu ceremony, the buffet feast, and live music, and then the show in the amphitheatre. Highlights include the incorporation of many different cultural experiences, including Tahitian drum dances, Hawaiian hula dances, and Samoan fire knife dances. The cultures of everywhere from Philippines to China and Japan are also incorporated in the Rhythm of Aloha Show, which includes a mini erupting volcano.

When you stay with Koloa Landing® Resort, we’ll help you have the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you need help finding and then booking a luau experience or anything else, talk with our concierges and we’ll provide you with the insider information you need, along with special rates and deals, and much more.

These are our two most highly recommended luaus on the island of Kauai, and we’ll help you arrange all of the details so you can kick back and enjoy a unique and authentic experience.



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