At age 86, Bill Child says he really should be spending his days napping “under a palm tree.”  Instead, the remarkably successful business tycoon and CEO of Koloa Landing® Resort at Poipu, is busy enjoying the fruits of his labors.

And labor he did:  Initial construction of the property had a rough start during the 2008 economic collapse.  “It was a real challenge,” he remembers. Child was not only able to right the ship – he did so with beautiful results. Final construction of this expansive tropical paradise was completed at the end of 2016.

“This is really the nicest resort on the island,” he says, clearly fond of the gorgeous property and all of the people who make it run. “I’m just excited talking to the associates, the housekeepers, the front desk, the management.” Honesty, integrity and customer service have long been the hallmarks of Child’s business practices and he is proud to see that spirit at Koloa Landing®.

“The guests,” Child says. “That is the important thing.  And without exception they all love this resort.”