Snorkeling Kauai is an underwater lover’s dream. Marine life is beautiful and abundant, waters are turquoise and blue, clear as can be, and the sunshine is plentiful all year round. Not to mention, this activity is perfect for all ages of your family.

March is a particularly great time to snorkel the Garden Island, because water temperatures are in the mid-70s and not much rain falls during this month. Our best beaches are ideal for snorkeling on Kauai, but here are a few that really stand out.

South Shore

Grab your fins and carefully walk down the old boat ramp at Koloa Landing® to experience a diverse snorkeling adventure. Think, sea turtles and plenty of fish along the horseshoe-shaped reef. This spot is best for the advanced snorkeler, as waters are deep and currents strong. Winter months are the best time to explore the underwater world here.

Poipu Beach Park

A variety of marine species can be found any day of the year at Poipu Beach Park. And it’s common to see Green Sea Turtles swimming under the sea or popping their heads up for some air! Any level snorkeler will enjoy this spot, as waters are gentle here. Don’t be surprised if you notice sea lions basking in the sand. If you are lucky enough to spot a sea lion along the beach, remember, it’s a crime to touch one in Kauai.

North Shore

Tunnels Beach on Kauai’s North Shore offers a variety of marine life but can also bring a strong current. The outer reef is the best place to snorkel, but there is also a shallow reef to explore that gives way to a 40-foot drop, offering amazing underwater views. Parking can be a challenge here, but some locals will let you park in their yards for a fee.

Pacific Green Sea Turtles can be found swimming along the shores of Tunnels Beach in the early morning hours. Since currents can be strong here, this may not be one of the best snorkeling spots for beginners.

Anini Beach

Anini Beach is great for beginners and advanced snorkelers alike. The two-mile stretch of white sandy beach and turquoise waters offers a shallow entry point for those just learning this activity to see an array of colorful fish and other sea life. Those with more snorkeling experience can venture out a half mile from the shoreline, where snorkelers sometimes see white-tipped reef sharks. No matter which part you choose, keep the tide in mind as currents can be very strong.

Lydgate Beach Park

Lydgate Beach Park is perfect for a snorkeling family outing – just don’t forget the sunscreen and snacks. At Lydgate Park, you don’t have to worry about waves pummeling you, or currents sweeping you away. The waters are protected by an enclosed area, so kids can enjoy snorkeling around the coral reefs for the first time and parents can relax. Tons of colorful fish inhabit this area. There’s also a fantastic playground on the beach and clean facilities to shower in after a fun day at the oceanside.

Let Koloa Landing Help You Find Fun Kauai Snorkeling Spots

The staff at our resort in Kauai would be happy to help you pick the perfect Hawaiian snorkeling beaches to match your desires. Call us today at 808-240-6600 and we’ll help you arrange an underwater adventure!