There are a few different factors to consider here, and of course, different individuals, couples and families will have their own preferences. Nevertheless, many people begin by considering the weather of the North Shore vs. the South Shore of Kawaii.

The main difference is the amount and frequency of rain. The North Shore receives a great deal more rain than the South Shore. In the summer months, for instance, the town of Princeville in the North Shore gets about six inches of rain in July and August, while in Poipu, on the South Shore, rainfall is less than two inches per month. Those differences continue even into winter and the other seasons, even as the entire island receives more rain on the whole.

This added rainfall does give the North Shore its beautiful, green, lush scenery, but also accounts for a lot less stellar beach days.

Another factor to consider in your decision between the North Shore and the South Shore will be your proximity to the beach. The South Shore boasts a few properties, such as our own Koloa Landing® Resort, where the beachfront is immediately adjacent to where you’re staying. Contrary to this, more of the North Shore consists of cliffs and mountainous terrain. While the beach is always accessible, you might not be right there within walking distance.

Of course, on the island of Kauai, everything is doable and reachable on a day’s excursion, or a shorter trip than that. Many of our guests stay at Koloa Landing® to capitalize on our great locale and proximity to a wonderful, beautiful beach for relaxation, water sports, and more. At the same time, they’ll venture out to the North Shore several times during their stay.

With the help of our onsite concierge, you’ll be able to quickly and easily plot out where to go, how to get there, and what you absolutely have to see. Then you can return to your serene haven of relaxation here at the Koloa Landing® Resort. That’s the best of both worlds, and it will make for an absolutely wonderful and unforgettable vacation.