Popular and Best Places to Surf in Kauai for your Adventure

On the island of Kauai, different locales will be better for surfing at different times of the year. So the best Kauai surf spots will vary from summer to winter just like in Kuhio.

Winter Swells

In winter, or from about November through February, it’s really the North Shore that attracts the most attention for surf spots. The waves get really big along the north shore beaches in the wintertime, in fact, they can even become dangerously huge powerful and especially prone to shore breaks. At the Eastern side of the town of Kilauea is the Kahili beach which is also known as Rock Quarry beach that has been known to be one of the best places to surf in Kauai. Because there is no outer reef protecting the beach, it is known to have very large swells.

That makes destinations such as Hanalei Bay, Kalihiwai, Kealia, and Haena some of the best spots to consider for advanced and experienced surfers looking for some big action and venture in Hawaii. Make no mistake about it, surfers come from around the world to take advantage of the big wave winters on the north shore and not on the west side. The north shore will have the biggest waves of anywhere on the island when they peak, typically around January, but they’ll bottom out to flat tides in the summer months.

Along the east shore, you’ll find fairly consistent small to medium-sized mellow waves all throughout the year. This makes areas such as Nawiliwili Harbor or lihue a popular destination for tourists just learning to want to get surf lessons to learn how to ride waves safely, or anybody more casual about surfing and is known for its constant waves created by heavy winds.

Summer Swells

Once summer strikes, the south side takes center stage. The prime months on the south shore are going to be from May to October for the south swells. The waves may not get as large as they do in the winter on the north, but you’ll enjoy frequent, large swells.

All across Poipu Beach and Kalapaki beach, you’ll find some excellent surfing, with many different and well-known individual spots along the way for water sports — surfers’ havens known as Acid Drops, PK’s, and Centers, amongst many others. Of course, during prime months, surfing can get crowded at any popular destination.

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