Outfitters Ziplining Kauai Tours

With a wide variety of Kauai zipline tours and 10 different lines that glide over an array of stunning vistas, Outfitters Kauai has something for everyone, from experienced zipliners to those going on their first zipline experience. Take a tandem zipline tour, or soar like Superman on the longest zipline on Kauai (a full 3/4 miles of high-flying adventure!). Accepting kids aged 7 and up who meet the height and weight requirements for the safety equipment, Outfitters Kauai offers a fun family adventure that everyone from your grade schooler to your picky teen can enjoy.

Skyline Hawaii Zipline Adventure Tours

Zip into a harness and take flight over the untouched Hawaiian rainforest on a Skyline Kauai zipline adventure tour. This zipline company offers two separate courses, a five-zipline option and an eight-zipline option. Both zipline tours offer amazing views of the Garden Isle, and you get instructions on how to safely travel above the canopy via ziplines before you take off. Skyline Kauai accepts zipline participants who are 10 and up and meet the physical requirements.

Koloa Powerline Zipline Tour Over the Waita Reservoir

Zoom over the gorgeous Waita Reservoir on a sturdy zipline as one of eight lines on this tour and experience the breathtaking beauty of Kauai’s South Shore. Lessons on the basics of ziplining help first-time zipliners feel confident before leaving the ground, and snacks are provided at stops between each zipline. Kids aged 7 and up are welcome to take part in the fun, making this particular tour a great choice for families with younger kids. Young children participating in ziplining with Koloa Zipline are often paired with a parent to meet weight requirements. For the more adventurous members of your group, Koloa Zipline also offers the Flyin’ Kaua’ian Harness as an option, which lets you do in-flight acrobatics such as upside-down or backward ziplining.

Kauai Backcountry Adventures Zipline Trip

Ride a course of seven lines down a stunning mountainside with Kauai Backcountry Adventures. The adventure begins at the top of a mountain and ends at a bamboo grove and a natural swimming pool at the bottom of a lush valley. Kauai Backcountry Adventures accepts participants aged 12 and up who meet the weight requirements, so families with young teens can book a tour. The company also offers a mountain tubing adventure, so you can return for a relaxing ride down a gently flowing canal system that once irrigated the historic sugar plantations of Kauai.


Planning Your Kauai Zipline Tours

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities, a Kauai zipline tour is an ideal addition to your vacation itinerary. There are a few things to consider before you book your tour, though.

Age Restrictions for Ziplining in Hawaii

Not all zipline tours are suitable for all ages, so if you’ve got kids with you, seek out a tour that can accommodate smaller guests. In some cases, weight restrictions limit who can join in the fun.

Hours and Zipline Status

COVID-related restrictions and changes in tourism patterns have caused some companies to limit their zipline tours or even cancel them altogether. Princeville Ranch was once a premier zipline experience on Kauai, but the ranch permanently closed its zipline course in 2021 to concentrate entirely on horseback riding and related adventures. Call to check with your favorite Kauai zipline tour operator to make sure there’s availability on the days you want to go.

Safety Considerations

A zipline tour on Kauai is generally a safe and fun experience for those who meet the weight and height requirements set by the operators. Commercial zip lines are maintained and inspected regularly to keep them safe, and your guide can provide instruction and safety tips before you make the jump off the platform, so you can glide through the air completely confident in your safety gear. Zipline guides can also explain the safety procedures and equipment to nervous first-time zipliners to help you feel safe during the experience.

Dressing for a Zipline Tour

Most tour operators recommend athletic wear for your zipline experience. Wear something similar to what you’d wear on an island hike, avoiding loose clothes that could catch on to something or get tangled up around you to spoil your view of the beautiful scenery below. Closed-toe shoes, such as hiking boots or tennis shoes, are a requirement for traveling on ziplines over the lush forest canopies, and sunscreen is always a good idea whether you’re ziplining, swimming, kayaking or riding horses on a sunny Kauai day.



Tour Costs

The cost of Kauai zipline tours depends on the specific location, the length of the tour and what comes included, but tours tend to run between $100- $200 for a zipline course lasting 2 to 3 hours. All ziplining tours include a ground school session with a guide who shows guests how to safely fly through the air in a zipline harness, as well as all the safety gear you need to have fun on your ride. Some might include snacks, water and lunch to keep you satisfied and hydrated during the adventure. You might also seek out a zipline tour operator that also offers other ways to explore the island, such as kayak tours and four-wheel-drive backcountry adventures, so you can book multiple things at once.

If you’re ready to explore life soaring above a gorgeous island landscape, contact Koloa Landing Resort to book your Kauai ocean-view villa and start planning an amazing zipline adventure the whole family can enjoy.