How is it that Koloa Landing Resort’s Main Pool was voted 2020’s “Best Hotel Pool in America”?

So glad you asked! Contrary to what you may think, we were not crowned this honor by some industry committee with clipboards and measuring sticks. It was by YOU! You put us over the top through a Readers’ Choice 10Best poll conducted by USA Today.

And though an expert panel did narrow down the field, the vote was left to the people — from Cincinnati to Anchorage, Minneapolis to Dallas. We were chosen by guests who have swum in our pool many times, as well as by folks who have only seen photos but can’t wait to get out here. So thank you — we are delighted and humbled!

So what is it exactly that you like so much about this pool? Let’s dive in:

You like the size. 

With four acres filled with 350,000 gallons of water, Koloa Landing Resort’s main pool is a show-stopping, eye-popping extravaganza. Sprawling down through the center of the resort, the pool embodies the concept of mauka makai which in Hawaiian means it flows “from the mountaintops down to the sea.” Takeaway: Lots of room to swim here!

You like its spectacular beauty.

Lava rock, sparkling turquoise water, meandering waterfalls, wooden bridges, tropical foliage studded with flowers, and tiny red birds hopping about. All this plus an ocean view framed by swaying palms. Takeaway: Takes your breath away.

You like the infinity edge.

What is it about an infinity edge that is so entrancing? You love to trick your eye into believing that the water continues on forever into another dimension. It’s glassy. It’s inviting. You float to the edge and bob there, tranquil, happy. Takeaway: To infinity and beyond!

You like the water slides.

Your spouse waves from the top of the lava-rocks and slides out of the tube like a rocket into the pool followed closely by your teen. Your turn. It’s fast and fun. Your littles announce that they’ll show you all how it’s done. They fly out of the tube into the air, howling with laughter, arms and legs flailing before splash landing into the water. They pop back up and high five each other. Takeaway: “That was AWESOME!”

You like the swim-through grotto.

You’re a kid at heart, so this darkened sanctuary feels slightly mysterious inside and lights your imagination. The thunder of the waterfalls echoes all around and the spray gently envelopes you. Plus the patio in here is a great place to hang out and sip mai tais. Takeaway: You like the grotto a lot-o.

You like the food and drink.

As you peruse the poolside lunch menu from the resort’s Holoholo Grill (created by celebrity chef Sam Choy), you are presented with a troubling dilemma: How can you choose the Wagyu Burger with tomato jam and crispy onions when the Ahi Poke Bowl sounds just as delicious? And what about these Grilled Fish Tacos with chipotle aioli?? Then it hits you: You can order a different lunch every day you’re here. All delivered straight to your cabana or lounge chair. Takeaway: Yes! (Meaning, you can also get it to go.)

You like the cabanas.

Decked out with cushy loungers, a flat screen TV and an overhead fan, you booked yours early and got one at the top of the pool. The view is stunning and you have a front-row seat for all the action. Takeaway: You’re a cabana fan.

You like the friendly vibe.

At the towel hut, the attendant shared with you his list of favorite hiking trails. When your waitress brought you yet another plate of truffle fries she took the time to teach your kids a new game to play in the pool. Everything the staff does here is in the spirit of aloha and this feeling of good will carries through to the guests. Takeaway: This is your new happy place.

You like how family friendly it is. 

Let’s face it, not everyone in your gang enjoys the same thing at the same time. Your littles want to play hide and seek in the waterfalls, your teen wants to take selfies at the infinity edge, you and your spouse want to cozy up in one of the Jacuzzis, and your mother in-law wants to luxuriate in the cabana with her Nicholas Sparks novel and a double Pina Colada. (Your kids now call it the “Nana Cabana”.) Takeaway: Everyone’s happy! 

In short: It’s a pretty awesome pool. We are humbled and grateful to all of you who made this distinction possible. Reserve your Koloa Landing Resort villa today. Come out and see us — and enjoy the best pool in America. What will the takeaways be?


Erica Karlin — Koloa Landing Resort