Almost any device will work again if you unplug it . . . including YOU.  — Kauai bumper sticker

You and your spouse have been looking forward to your vacation on the glorious South Shore of Kauai for a long, long (long) time. You have both been on stimulation overload from work deadlines, over-packed schedules, and way too much TV, texts and tweets. You are eager to leave it all behind and relax.

“I’m aiming for all the ‘re’ words,” you say to your spouse who looks at you quizzically. “You know: refresh, rejuvenate, revitalize . . .”

“Rekindle . . .” he says, winking suggestively.

You laugh. “That, too.”

Stress Less Process

From the moment you set foot on the lush Koloa Landing Resort property you feel lighter. The lobby is wide and welcoming with complimentary cocktails, the sounds of trickling waterfalls, and a view across the entire property to the sea. The front desk clerk bids you aloha and slips a string of purple orchids around your neck.

Walking to your room together your spouse says, “I think it’s against the law here to feel anything but relaxed while wearing a lei.” You’re pretty sure he’s right.

So let the relaxing begin! Here are some of the ways you relieve stress while on this vacation:


Digital Detoxing

You two made a pact to unplug together which will be a whole lot easier than going it solo. You log onto your laptops and create auto replies to your work and personal emails. “I am out this week. If you need me, I’m on Kauai under the 3rd coconut tree on the left.” You then change the greetings on all your voicemail sources, too. Next, you put your smartphones’ notifications on do-not-disturb mode — with only certain contacts and the hotel given access to reach you. (You love modern technology.) (Almost as much as you loathe it.) You agree that you will check communications a couple times a day.

You next delete all social media apps off your home screen. Yes. You do. This was a hard one but it proves to be the most satisfying. Do you really want to see what you’re missing back home? Or be duped by someone’s highlight reel depicting their suspiciously beyond-perfect vacation? No. You do not. You decide you will reward your remarkable restraint with a post featuring a couple of your favorite Kauai photos — but not until you’re sitting in the airport headed home.

You feel better already!

Take it Outside

As soon as you’re unpacked, you slip into your swimsuits and head down to the pool. Koloa Landing Resort’s main pool was voted “Best Pool in America” by USA Today — two years in a row. Now you understand why! It is a vast and gorgeous extravaganza of water and fun. After nabbing two towels and loungers you wade in and start swimming laps in earnest. After so many, you feel energized, the endorphins kicking in. You stop and float on your back, appreciating the sunshine, the brilliant flora and swaying palms. You feel yourself decompress.

And that mai tai delivered to your lounge chair doesn’t hurt . . .

Later there will be hikes through a rainforest, boat rides amidst a pod of dolphins, and strolls on the sand at sunset with your love.


You are delighted to discover that Koloa Landing offers yoga several times a week out on the main lawn so you and your spouse check it out one morning. You gradually and gratefully lose yourself to the discipline, tropical music wafting on the morning air, the instructor’s gentle but sure voice encouraging you through each pose. You let your mind drift to a place of calm, feeling your lungs lift and fall with each breath, imagining yourself at peace. You glance over at your spouse and stifle a giggle when you see him striking an unusually serious Tree Pose, brow furrowed, deep in concentration, arms flailing. (You feel grateful for him, too.)

You decide to carry the mindfulness of yoga through the rest of your trip. You purposefully create moments to simply stop, breath and meditate — on the beach, on your ocean view lanai, at the top of a jungle peak, and even once while ziplining!

Rest rest rest

You intentionally did not load your vacation schedule with too many activities. You have been known to go go go — eager not to miss any adventure, restaurant or event. But this time you’ve given yourself large swaths of time to sleep in, nap with abandon, and go to bed early. (Because rekindling.)

You’d read in Yahoo Health that NFL star Tom Brady has been known to check into a hotel simply to catch up on his sleep. While you’re not in the need of a total “sleepcation,” incorporating more zzz’s into your trip feels refreshing, indeed.


You and your spouse have stuck so well to your stress-less promise, you reward yourselves on the last day of your stay with a visit to the Spa at Koloa Landing — just to seal the deal. You are pampered into such a luxurious state of island-inspired bliss, you carry it with you all the way back to the mainland.

Come to Koloa Landing Resort and leave the world behind. We’ll make it easy for you to relax, regroup, reenergize, and one day (we’re sure), return.

— Erica Karlin