A family vacation or romantic getaway to Kauai will be a lifelong memory, and a truly special occasion. At Koloa Landing® Resort, we do our best to ensure that each one of our visitors has the trip of a lifetime. Besides booking your stay at a beautiful property, replete with world-class amenities and pristine surroundings, what else do you need to know?

Maximize your trip and avoid hassles along the way with these 3 must-know trips for traveling to Kauai.

1. Rent Your Ride: Many vacationers these days seem to prefer not renting a car at their destination. However, it’s certainly recommended here in Kauai. Getting a taxi can sometimes be difficult, and they tend to only run during the day, not in the early mornings  or late at night. These are of course some of the times when you may want to be on the move the most, either to explore the beautiful surroundings, or to soak up some fun and entertainment. When you have your own vehicle, you’ll be able to fully explore the island without inhibitions, knowing you can get anywhere you want, at any time.

Here are 3 local rental companies you can research to find the best car for your stay on the island.

Dollar Rent a Car  – (808) 245-3652

Thrifty Car Rental – (808) 245-3652

Island Cars LLC. – (808) 246-6000

2. Wear Water Shoes: A simple pair of water shoes can make a world of difference for you as you’re strolling along the beaches of Kauai. There happens to be a great deal of sharp lava rock on the shores here, and into the ocean, due to the nature of the Hawaii islands and how they were formed, by volcanoes, of course. Bringing or buying a pair of water shoes will save your feet a great deal of pain, pokes and prodding.

3. Plan Ahead: Many visitors don’t plan out any excursions or adventures before they arrive. If you’re coming for two weeks, certainly you’ll have plenty of time to fit in what you want. However, it’s typically recommended that you book your adventures at least one week ahead of time. This will ensure that spots are available, and you don’t miss out on your top choices for activities. Many excursions do not accept reservations in the final days before they take place, let alone the day of, and other excursions are limited to one or two limited-space opportunities per week.

It’s hard to go wrong with a vacation to Kauai, especially when you’re staying at the right place. But to make sure everything goes as smoothly for you as possible, remember the above 3 must-know travelers trip for your upcoming trip.