1. Where to Stay

The best way to maximize a trip to Kauai begins by carefully choosing the correct place to stay. Key elements to consider will be proximity to the beach and other destinations, along with of course the amenities and quality of the property itself. Is there a pool, spa, fitness center, onsite dining and activities? These are just a few of the things to think about when you’re selecting a destination.

Of course, at Koloa Landing® Resort, you’ll be able to live luxuriously and rent a private, fully-loaded villa, just steps away from Poipu Beach. State of the art amenities, amazing resort pools, and activities for the whole family are just a few of the great benefits of our resort.

2. Mixing Activity and Leisure

Is your trip to Kauai about the utmost in relaxation, and lounging all day, every day? Or do you want to be active, busy and exploring? Kauai vacations can be either, or they can fall someplace in between.

Keep in mind as you plan your trip, it’s not just you that you should be thinking about, but it’s the desires of everyone else that you’re with. That’s why it’s usually best to stay someplace that offers the best of both worlds, and allows people to go their own ways from time to time, but also easily come back together for the rest of their shared interests and plans.

3. Utilize Local, Insider Tips

When in doubt, shouldn’t you leave it up to the experts? That’s why at Koloa Landing® Resort, you’ll be able to capitalize on a personal concierge to help you sort through the mass of different activities, excursions, sites and more during your stay. You’ll gain access to exclusive deals and discounts, you’ll avoid common mistakes and tourist traps, and all of the hassle and leg work of planning will be eliminated for you.

With the above 3 tips, you’ll be able to seamlessly plan a memorable, fantastic first trip to Kauai. The only problem, if you can call it that, is that you’ll have such an amazing time that you’ll need to get right back to planning your second trip as soon as you’re home!