Less than a 20 minute drive from Koloa Landing® Resort, the tranquil warm waters off the coast of the quiet, historical town of Waimea come alive with water spouts from humpback whales. Visitors can make a marine life trip to enjoy this throwback to Hawaiian culture in Waimea, while relaxing and whale-watching season during the prime winter months. Since these large peaceful creatures are quite timid and quick to retreat, watching from the beach can be a less intrusive option. While there are many oceanfront options for the best whale-watching, visitors agree that the best beaches are Mahaulepu Beach and the channel between the west shore of Kauai and the Island of Niihau, near Waimea. Beach watching also allows visitors to relax under the shade of a palm tree and take in the views.

For those who aren’t interested in leaving the scenic Kauai beach resort, Koloa guests can see humpback whales breaching from their lanai’s in the guest villas. Visitors may also hop on one of the island’s boat tours for a more intimate view of the humpbacks or take a helicopter ride for an aerial glimpse.

During the mating season, humpbacks are more restless, resulting in more surface activity and more opportunities to get a peek at these gentle giants. For the economical whale enthusiast, visiting great lookout hot spots at Kauai’s South shore like Kilauea Point Lighthouse, Spouting Horn Park, or Kealia Lookout can give a wonderful vantage point to see a breaching whale or catch a tail slap during the Kauai whale watching season.


Make it a Memorable Experience With Kauai Whale Watching Tour in Hawaii 

Whale-watching trips are not new to Hawaiian culture and have become a popular pastime for vacationers due to its calming effects. Guests slow down, sit, wait, and relax while looking for the peaceful humpback as it makes its annual pilgrimage from the cold waters of Alaska. These peak whale season months offer Kauai visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Additional benefit from whale watching is that you also get to encounter playful dolphins and sea turtles.

For more information about Hawaii whale watching tours offered around Kauai, talk to the Koloa Landing® Concierge. Contact us today and for your ultimate Hawaii whale watching experience! From the ocean views to the beautiful beaches and amazing wildlife, Koloa Landing® is your one-stop destination for a memorable vacation and the best activities in Kauai. Get ready to be amazed by the beauty of Kauai’s whales and other marine life!