Your talented employees have helped transform your small business into a national success,so at today’s company event at Koloa Landing® it is great to see your entire staff relax and let loose. They’re clinking cocktails, laughing, and enjoying a seafood feast at tables filled with wild orchids and candlelight — all created to celebrate them. Even Bob from accounting is having a mai tai.

You think, I must thank Uncle Tony.

Uncle Tony? Yup and here’s why: Every year your extended family has vacationed at the same hotel again and again … and again. This year, Uncle Tony suggested trying Koloa Landing Resort which had just wrapped a big expansion. The push back was swift as no one wanted to buck tradition. Luckily, your uncle can be quite persuasive. Your entire family ended up spending a crazy-fun week at the “new” Poipu villas resort with its spectacular lagoon pool and waterslides, spacious villas with gourmet kitchens and lanais perfect for family poker games at sunset — not to mention a world-class spa and the best poke east of Krakatoa. During your stay you snuck a peek at the state-of-the-art Koloa Ballroom, and a lightbulb lit up in your mind.

Now here you are just a few months later hosting your company’s year-end appreciation event — and it’s even better than you’d hoped. The resort recently threw a custom Kauai wedding, a huge conference, and the Governor’s Luncheon. Consulting chef is none other than James Beard Award winner Sam Choy, so you aren’t surprised that these guys know their stuff.

Setting up the event was a breeze. Koloa Landing®’s staff listened closely to your requests (even your pickiest details about the lighting and sound system) and were genuinely eager to make it special. They offered loads of options to utilize the diverse center: indoors, outdoors, on the lawn above the pool, etc.

The 12,000-square-foot ballroom can be split into seven unique spaces from the enormous to the intimate. You opted for an indoor-outdoor setup to accommodate your party of 200. You loved the tall glass doors that flow onto the lanai and overlook the tropical gardens and lagoon. The private rooms were perfect for planning stations and for your tech crew. Superb functionality.

Now you look around at your happy employees and feel yourself relax. There is no last-minute scrambling or rearranging. Just warm, friendly service from Koloa’s staff who seem to intuitively anticipate the needs of your guests. Time for a cocktail of your own so you can make a heartfelt toast.

As the event winds down, (and after Bob in accounting nails “Don’t Stop Believing” on the karaoke stage to the delight of all) your guests are presented with a small wooden treasure box filled with tropical truffles: mango, banana and coconut cream. (Note: and you’re still on budget!) Your team members thank you for such a memorable event and one of your managers says she can’t wait to share her box of treats with her kids.

Another lightbulb goes off: You’re going to give yours to Uncle Tony.


by Erica Karlin, Koloa Landing®