Set up in two rows of table-top easels here in the Koloa Landing ballroom, you’ve shared a lot of laughs with the other eight painters during the resort’s weekly Island Art Night. It’s Friday and all are feeling festive. Outside the massive windows, the sun is starting to soften, leaving a warm glow across the tropical gardens. 

“Okay, let’s fill in that last tree trunk now,” the young instructor says, pointing to her own canvas at the front.  

Your spouse is concentrating, carefully dabbing a line of brown paint down the right side of his seascape. He looks endearing in his black apron — a smudge of blue on his cheek. He finally turns his easel toward you with a flourish. “Ta-dah! How ‘bout that?” he asks with a satisfied grin.

“Move over Picasso,” you say, “there’s a new artist in town.”

He wrinkles his brow. “Wasn’t it Gauguin who famously painted the tropics?”

“Oh, and now you’re an art historian, too,” you tease. “We should paint together more often.”

“You can book that through my agent.”

“Ha ha.”

The Line Up

Island Art Night is just one of the many fun weekly activities you’ve stumbled upon during your stay at Koloa Landing Resort on Kauai’s sunny South Shore. As if all the glory of Poipu, the beaches, the hikes, the gardens, the natural wonders, the restaurants the shopping and the resort’s built-in offerings like the best pool in America, celebrity-chef dining and the largest villas on the island weren’t enough: The resort also offers a slew of fun and free classes and mini events throughout the week. Some of these include:


Guests are invited to join our local instructors to explore all things hula. Learn about the origins of the dance, its historical significance and of course, how to get those moves down yourself. Get swept up in the traditional music and get in a little exercise while you’re at it. Athletic attire is recommended — grass skirts not necessary! 

Ukulele Lessons

Learn how to pluck out a tune on the most beloved of Hawaiian instruments — the versatile ukulele. Play something traditional or interpret something modern. The ukulele’s roots in the islands are deep, however, George Harrison, Eddie Vedder and Taylor Swift are just a few of the non-traditional artists who have embraced the little 4-string powerhouse and helped bring it into the mainstream. Come learn the basics with our expert musicians.


Get your day off to an inspiring start with our morning yoga event on the resort lawn. Created with all skill levels in mind, everyone from beginners to pros will find their inner balance here among the tropical flora. And everyone can agree that just about any pose is easier to hold while in paradise.

Lei Making  

Nothing says fabulous Hawaiian vacation quite like a fresh floral lei. Learn to string one yourself at one of our lei-making classes. It’s easier than it looks — and talk about photo ops!

Give Me S’More Event 

Crispy-crunchy ooey-gooey fresh-roasted s’mores are the long-reigning king of fireside desserts. Come join other sweet-seekers around the festive fire ring and create your own treats under the stars. Mmmmm. . . .

Fitness Classes (HIIT and Pilates)

Get your workout in early and meet up with other health-enthusiast guests. Our High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) combines brief, very-high intensity bursts of cardio with short periods of rest. Our Pilates class features low-impact flexibility and strength training combined with endurance movements. Our instructors love to keep it fun, too.

Most of Koloa Landing’s activities can be booked through our concierge team by dialing (808) 240-6609 or by visiting them in our lobby. Check updated schedules here as days, times and locations often change with the seasons. Only the Art Class involves a fee ($55 per person) and requires a sign up at Of course all activities will be modified based on the most current COVID-19 conditions and safety guidelines. To enjoy all these events and SO much more, book your villa at Koloa Landing Resort today. Aloha!

Erica Karlin — Koloa Landing Resort