Hawaii’s fourth-largest island, Kauai has become one of the leading destinations for an exotic vacation in the United States. The island is known for its outstanding beach resorts, pristine white sands, and dramatic mountains. It’s a destination visited by millions across the globe each year. To help you understand more about the storied history of this spectacular island, this post will present five interesting historical tidbits on Kauai.

1 – The Alekoko Menehune Fishpond was Built Nearly 1000 Years Ago

The Alekoko Menehune Fishpond, located a short distance from Lihue is a fine example of ancient Hawaiian engineering. The structure was built almost 1000 years ago as a way for locals to catch fish. Legend has it that it was built by the mythical Menehune people in one night. The current structure includes a 900-foot wall and can now be viewed from an overlook point on Hulemalu Road.

2 – Captain Cook Landed in Waimea Town on the West Side of Kauai

On your way to Waimea Canyon, settle into Waimea Town on the West Side. Waimea Town is the spot where famed explorer Captain James Cook first landed in Hawaii when exploring the Americas in 1778. In Waimea Town, there is now a statue commemorating Cook and his exploration. Guests might also visit the local West Kauai Technology and Visitor Center to learn more about Captain James Cook and his impact on the area.

3 – The Island Resisted Subjugation from Kamehameha I

Under the rule of Kamehameha, I, each of the Hawaiian islands came together for a united Hawaii kingdom, except for Kauai. Kauai has a long history of resisting invasion, and Kamehameha warriors were held back several times by the residents of the nation. After Kamehameha’s third attempt to take Kauai, the area’s then leader Kaumuali’I allowed unification of Hawaii and retained his rank within the newly unified kingdom.

4 – The Beauty of Kauai Partly Achieved by the Kapu System

The Kapu is a system of acts that are restricted or forbidden. In Hawaiian culture, the Kapu system taught the native populations the importance of nurturing the earth and the sea, and to limit the amount of over-fishing to preserve animal populations for generations in the future. While the system was officially abolished in 1819 by King Kamehameha II, the harmony between nature and society cultivated under the Kapu system helped instill many of the values still in place throughout the island of Kauai today.

5 – Filmmakers Have Used Kauai as a Backdrop Since the Early 1900’s

Film buffs might recognize much of the scenery in Kauai from their favorite movies over the years. Movies such as Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark and historic pictures such as South Pacific have been filmed on the island.

Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable With Kauai History

Kauai island has a rich history and a thriving culture that extends thousands of years back into the Earth’s past. To discover more about the stories, legends, and heroes of the island of Kauai’s history, or to book an unforgettable vacation, contact us at our resort on Kauai today!