This local establishment is a major tourist attraction, but is also beloved by the locals as well. That’s always a great way to test the quality of any restaurant or food establishment when you’re away from home, and we promise this isn’t something you’re likely to find elsewhere.

Now, this isn’t the typical shave ice treat you might find on a city street on the mainland. First, you’ll find literally dozens of different flavors to begin with. This includes unique local offerings such as Blue Hawaiian, Lilikoi, or passion fruit, passion nut, horchata and tamarind.

However, you can get more than just a regular shave ice, and you’ll want to get creative when you visit Uncle’s. So you should consider checking out their fantastic shave ice combos, which include shave ice with ice cream, fresh fruit, cream caps and a variety of delicious add-ons — think Mochi ice cream bits, or Azuki beans! These specialty combos come in over half a dozen different flavors and styles.

The newest craze from Uncle’s is their amazing shave snow. Shave snow actually takes inspiration from Taiwanese shave ice.

Here, a special combination of milk, water, sugar and flavors are frozen together. This is then directly shaved for your treat, with no extra flavors on top, offering delicious, creamy goodness with really outstanding flavors. Uncle’s is the only place on the entire island of Kauai where you can find shave snow!

You can also get Over & Unders, which are a combination of shave ice and shave snow, offered in different flavor profiles. From there, sweet treats at Uncle’s also include frozen chocolate bananas and a variety of caramel apples.

So whether your kids have a sweet tooth, or you do, you’ll need to visit Uncle’s Shave Ice when you’re on Kauai. This unique, standout destination is only a few minutes down the path from Koloa Landing® Resort, and it’s another reason you’ll love staying with us!

You can keep up with all the new tasty creations from Uncle’s Shave Ice by visiting his Facebook page.