Fueling Up for Your Big Day

If you’ve got plans for the day that include hiking one of the many trails in Waimea Canyon or heading into downtown Koloa for an afternoon of exploring quaint local boutiques in historic restored plantation buildings, you’ll need a breakfast that gets you going. Fortunately, there are plenty of options at HoloHolo Grill to fuel you up for any kind of Kauai adventure you can dream up.

Tuck into a Koloa Omelette made with eggs, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, smashed potatoes, bell pepper, onions, tomatoes and your choice of bacon or Portuguese sausage to ensure you’re satisfied, or go all-in with the Loco Moco, made with an 8-ounce Wagyu beef patty, two eggs, white rice and house-made gravy, topped with crispy onions and a tongue-tempting wasabi aioli drizzle.

Pleasing Your Picky Eaters

Most kids can be picky eaters sometimes, but they’re sure to find something to please their palates on HoloHolo Grill’s breakfast menu. Tempt your more adventurous little one with Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes coated with coconut syrup while you settle in your pickiest eater with a classic bowl of steel-cut oatmeal or house-made granola served with Greek yogurt, honey and fruit.

Health-Conscious Choices

Your active, adventurous teen already has plans for the morning yoga session on the resort grounds and has convinced the whole family to try ziplining later in the day, but she’s reluctant to eat anything too heavy because she wants to “stay ready for anything.”

Lucky for her, she can start her day with a Green Flash Smoothie from HoloHolo Grill that blends almond milk, apple juice, kale, mango, pineapple and banana into a vitamin-rich concoction that provides plenty of energy, along with those tropical flavors the whole family loves.

For a bit of variety, you might suggest coming back the next day for Avocado Toast on house-made cheddar bread or the Refreshing Fruit Plate with house-made mint syrup.

Sipping Your Morning Away

Some mornings you just want to head to a poolside cabana and spend the day relaxing as you take in the gorgeous South Shore views. At HoloHolo Grill, it’s never too early for a Guava Mimosa, Bloody Mary or Screwdriver, and you can even have them delivered directly to your cabana.

If you’re craving a fresh cup of joe with your Hawaiian-inspired breakfast, the restaurant also serves coffee from Kauai Roastery along with a variety of espresso drinks.

Breakfast Timing

Breakfast at HoloHolo Grill is served from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., giving you plenty of time to sit and dine in the open-air restaurant or grab takeout to bring up to your room. The menu was designed in consultation with celebrity chef Sam Choy, so you know you’ll have an amazing dining experience whether you’re up early for a tasty tropical breakfast, sampling the Hawaiian specialties at the daily Aloha Hour or enjoying a delicious dinner after a day of South Shore adventures.

Book your stay at Koloa Landing Resort today and get ready to wake up in a tropical paradise where every day begins with gorgeous views and scrumptious breakfast options from HoloHolo Grill.