Setting off in search of a midday meal or relaxed dinner, you spot HoloHolo Grill, Koloa Landing Resort’s on-site poolside restaurant. The very name — Holoholo — means “a pleasurable journey of discovery” in Hawaiian, and this dining venue certainly earns its name.

Once you’re settled at a table, the open-air vibe suits your mood perfectly, and the menu offers up plenty of options, including fresh seafood and intensely flavored meats. But don’t overlook the HoloHolo Burger or you might miss out on the best burger on the entire island.

A bold claim? Maybe. But there are plenty of reasons to believe it’s the truth. Of course, trying one and judging for yourself might be the best option. But while you’re making up your mind, here are a few reasons we think the HoloHolo Burger just might be the best burger on Kauai:

Top-Quality Burger Ingredients

The HoloHolo Burger starts with Wagyu beef, widely renowned as the highest-quality beef available. Deep marbling and a superior monounsaturated fat ratio make these Wagyu beef patties ultra-tender and ultra-tasty. Tomato jam, burger sauce, lettuce and crispy onions add crunch, texture and flavor to every bite, and the entire burger is assembled on a fresh, house-made brioche bun. Most of the ingredients used in the kitchen at HoloHolo Grill are locally sourced, ensuring a level of freshness that takes every menu item to another level.

The HoloHolo Burger comes with your choice of fries, onion rings, salad or fresh fruit to round out your meal, and you can always order a Pina Colada or Spicy Mango-Rita for an extra burst of tropical flavor. You can even get your burger to go if you’d prefer to eat in your villa or take your meal out to the beach for an impromptu oceanside picnic.

The Touch of a Celebrity Chef

Top-quality ingredients are key to building the HoloHolo Burger, but it’s celebrity chef Sam Choy whose kitchen know-how put it all together. With 11 top-selling cookbooks, a James Beard award and frequent Food Network appearances under his belt, Sam Choy is no stranger to creative, innovative cuisine. When it comes to the HoloHolo Burger, Chef Sam Choy recommends ordering it medium to medium rare to get the best experience.


The Overall Experience

Let’s face it — sometimes a great setting can take good food into extraordinary territory. When it comes to an extraordinary burger like the one from HoloHolo Grill, taking that first bite while buffeted by tropical ocean breezes in the glow of a Pacific Ocean sunset turns the entire experience into something sublime. It’s no secret why Frommer’s called HoloHolo Grille the best poolside restaurant on Kaui’s South Shore, and you’re sure to feel the same whether you’re enjoying a HoloHolo Burger, a Hawaiian Poke Bowl or a side of Truffle Fries.

Make sure to try the HoloHolo Burger during your stay at Koloa Landing Resort. Give us a call at (808) 725-2596 to book an ocean-view villa, or email us using our contact form to learn more about the resort.