There are many different Kauai fishing charters and companies and many different locations. In this quick guide, we’ll help you learn a little bit more about deep sea fishing in Kauai, Hawaii.

Many deep sea fishing charters are available in the area of Nawiliwili Harbor, which is also where cruise ships dock on the island. If you’re staying with us here at Koloa Landing® Resort, that’s just a quick 20 minutes away on the eastern shore of Kauai, although, of course, different companies may be based out of different areas as well. Read on to learn more about our guide that will help you find the perfect deep sea fishing charter in Kauai and get your first fish.

How to Have the Best Kauai Deep Sea Fishing

Packing the Right Gear

When embarking on deep sea fishing adventures, ensuring you have the appropriate gear is crucial. Packing the right equipment is essential for having a great experience and ensuring that you are able to catch fish. The type of gear you will need depends on what kind of fish you plan on catching and how long your trip will be. There are certain items that should always be included in any fishing kit, such as tackle boxes, lures and bait, rods, reels, line snips or scissors, pliers or hemostats, sunglasses or polarized glasses and a first aid kit. You may also want to bring along additional items such as buckets or coolers for storing your catches during the day, rain gear if needed (depending on weather conditions), sunscreen and hats for sun protection. It’s also important to ensure all safety regulations are followed when packing safety equipment like life jackets for everyone onboard the boat. Having these items ready ahead of time can help ensure a successful sportfishing adventure!

Choosing the Right Kauai Fishing Charter



How are you supposed to distinguish between one charter and the next? There are many different factors, but the reputation of the company, and the captain, are really the key. The personnel affects not only the atmosphere and overall experience but also your likelihood of reeling in a great big game fish. The best captains will provide a fun and educational experience while taking you to local hot spots and prime fishing locales to catch fish. With the best captain comes an excellent crew who are also knowledgeable and friendly, and make the experience truly enjoyable. There are also charters that offer kid-friendly fishing trips that you can enjoy with your family. Therefore, choosing the right deep sea fishing charter can mean the difference between a great fishing trip and an average one.

Deciding How Many Hours You Will Spend Time on Your Fishing Trip

Depending on your interests and the size of the group you’re with, there are various different rates and options to consider. For example, there are 4-hour, or half-day charters, and there are 8-hour or full-day charters, and sometimes other estimated time lengths as well. In some cases you can charter your own boat to hunt fish, in other cases, you’ll be going along with a larger group of people as well.



Finding the Best Fishing Grounds

Another thing to keep in mind is that around the island of Kauai, waters can get deep quite quickly. You’ll be out into hundreds of feet of water, and even thousands of feet of water, before very long, and this offers a unique opportunity for deep-sea fishing on Kauai without getting too far from shore or needing to spend hours simply arriving at a good fishing destination.

There are ledges around the island of 40 fathoms of depth, 1,000 fathoms and 2,000 fathoms. The 40-fathom ledge is just roughly 1 mile from shore, and the 1,000-fathom ledge is just 3.5 miles offshore.

Depending on what you’re trying to catch, the size of your group, and your experience level, there’s sure to be a good choice for you. Of course, at the Koloa Landing® Resort, our on-site concierge can help you plan the perfect deep-sea fishing adventure to have an amazing and great time. We’ll make sure you secure an excellent deal and collaborate with a top-rated company, all while enjoying a fishing charter that offers everything you’ll desire for Kauai deep sea fishing. 

Contact us today at Koloa Landing® Resort to book the best Kauai beach villa and have our concierge staff help arrange a wonderful day of deep sea fishing around our beautiful island. If you get sea sick, you can still have fun. We will hook you up with the best activities on Kauai that are just as exciting.