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Keep your kids busy and engaged with their very own Kaua’i is for KidsTM Scavenger Hunt – only at Koloa Landing Resort. Our guests ages 3 – 11 are invited to join the newest fun-filled program created just for them — and it’s complimentary! They’ll have a blast exploring all corners of the resort in search of hidden clues, and along the way they’ll learn about sugarcane — the Hawaiian crop that put Koloa Landing on the map. Sweet!

Each child who opts in will receive an entire Kaua’i is for KidsTM fun kit complete with Scavenger Hunt goodies and loaded Activity Book. Once they complete the Scavenger Hunt portion of the Activity Book, they can return it for an awesome prize. We are proud of our sugarcane heritage and love to share it with others!


How does it work?

Our Kaua’i is for KidsTM program turns your children into little explorers discovering the world of sugarcane — and lots of other cool facts. The whimsical clues found in their Activity Books lead them to signs hidden around the property. With the help of their trusty binoculars and compasses, they set out, find each sign, and record each sign’s code word into their books. A fresh, new clue then sends them in search of the next hidden sign.

Once they collect all of the signs’ code words, they can string them together to read where their special prize awaits. It’s outdoors, interactive, and loads of fun!

Sweeten your visit — and let your kids’ imaginations soar.

You may just want to come along . . .


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This is up to the parent’s discrecion. Most older kids will be able to do this on their own while younger kids will probably need some assistance and supervision. 

Your kids can set their own pace! Some will want to get through it all and get their prize, while others may prefer to savor the Scavenger Hunt over a series of sessions. They can take as long as they like during their stay on the property.

We encourage our explorers to enjoy the satisfaction of finding the clues on their own. However, our front desk team is always ready to answer questions and may even step in, if need be, for our littlest guests.

The signs are all hidden in plain sight within the property lines and will never be out of reach or difficult for kids to get to. Finding them takes ingenuity only. No jungle-clearing machete needed!

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Your kids will love our Scavenger Hunt — an interactive outdoor adventure they’ll never forget! They’ll explore our tropical gardens, learn about sugarcane, enjoy awesome complimentary goodies, and even win a special prize at the end!

Book your stay at Koloa Landing Resort and you’ll see why we say, “Kaua’i is for KidsTM!”

For more information on our Kaua’i is for KidsTM Program and Scavenger Hunt, as well as many other fun activities across the resort, please check out our website, call our front desk or send us an email. We love hearing from our guests!


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