To capture all of the beauty our incredible island has to offer, the Koloa Landing® staff think it’s a must for you to get on a boat and get in the water.

Snorkel and cruise adventures are less than $200 per person. They take you on a half-day journey, where you’re sure to gawk over our lush land and seascapes.

Choose a catamaran as your cruise liner and enjoy the jaw-dropping beauty of the Napali Coast. You’ll see waterfalls, sea caves, and soaring emerald cliffs along this spectacular coastline. It’s a breathtaking sight like no other in the entire world. And if you want to see it, this is one of the only ways you can. The coast is not accessible by car.

TIP: If you suffer from motion sickness, make sure you take medication before you get on the boat so you don’t miss out on the gorgeous scenery.

While you enjoy breakfast, your captain will give a history lesson about Napali. At the same time, you’ll likely be sharing the story with spinner dolphins which like to get up, close to the boats and dive. You’ll also pass Polihale State Park, a remote wild beach with miles of sand and dunes.

Some outfitters take guests across the channel to Ni’ihau, also known as the Forbidden Island, to relax, take in the magical water world below, and see formations carved by ocean currents that are one-of-a-kind. Other tours drop you in the turquoise waters of Napali, where you’ll see a vast array of colorful fish, caves to swim in, and sea turtles gracefully gliding by as you snorkel.

Hop back on board the catamaran and continue to see the enchanting 17-mile coastline. If the season is right, you may also get to watch whales splashing in the distance. While the ocean breeze cools down your sun-soaked skin, enjoy a bite to eat for lunch and take in more panoramic views of the majestic and soul-nourishing Napali Coast.

Perhaps you’re looking to see these awe-inspiring views even closer to the ocean. During the summer months, guided kayaking trips can give you access to the sea caves and cliffs, secluded beaches, and natural waterfalls.

Either boat experience will replenish your spirit and leave Napali ingrained in your mind forever. We promise.

Kauai snorkel tours depart daily from Port Allen Harbor on the island’s west side. Call us at 808-240–6609 and let our experienced Koloa Landing® staff answer any questions you may have about the trip, any expectations, and which excursion best suits your desires. If boat rides really aren’t for you, don’t worry. You can still snorkel and see a fantastic array of fish and sea life on most beaches. Poipu Beach is known for its reef and marine life, a place where sea turtles often make appearances and show off their swim technique. Koloa’s staff can also tell you where to rent gear so you can snorkel the sea close to your aloha home.