is kauai a good place for a destination weddingYou wake up on your wedding day, gaze out the window at the ocean, and still can’t believe you’re getting married on the island of Kauai. Though busy, you’ve been surprisingly relaxed during the week you’ve spent here leading up to this day, and it has reinforced why you and your fiance fell in love with this location: Breathtakingly beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and logistics that have proven even easier than you had hoped. Built-in honeymoon location? Yes, please! In fact, your fiance is urging you to book your vow renewal here on Kauai — already — and even though he’s kind of joking . . . he kind of isn’t.

In fact, here is what you would say are the top three reasons to choose Kauai for your destination wedding:

1. An Unforgettable Locale:

Whether you see yourself saying “I do” barefoot on sugary white sands, or striking an after-ceremony pose in front of a cascading waterfall, or maybe getting your party on under the stars at an elegant resort, the Garden Isle of Kauai provides some of the most romantic wedding locations on earth. Naturally spectacular, most of Kauai is accessible only on foot, by boat, or by helicopter, keeping much of it pristine. And because Kauai is not as crowded as some other popular tropical destinations, you can exchange your vows in the great outdoors without scads of tourists wandering into your ceremony. With temperate climates and photo-ready backdrops all around, Kauai is an engaged couple’s dream. You will ask your fiance to pinch you at least once.

Each of the two main shores on the island of Kauai has its own distinct personality offering you options galore:

The South Shore

Known for its sunsets and world-famous beaches, the “Sunny South Shore” has picture-perfect year-round weather. White sands stretch for miles of coastline, trees proliferate and dramatic reef formations jut out over the sparkling Pacific. The South Shore also offers the most dining and shopping options on the island — not to mention plenty of adventure for your guests looking to kick up the fun-factor. Ziplining through a rainforest, anyone?

The North Shore

Beloved first and foremost for its lush beauty due to an abundance of rain and sunshine, the North Shore of Kauai is that jaw-dropping, how-can-this-be-real tropical paradise you see in your dreams (and in plenty of movies, too). The North Shore offers the charming, laid-back vibe of Hanalei Town and the more upscale Princeville area — both easily walkable to and from many points. And world-class activities beckon: from hiking in search of waterfalls to snorkeling in one of the biggest reefs on the planet.  

2. Next-Level Hospitality:

One visit to Kauai and you understand why the locals here are considered some of the most genuinely friendly people you will encounter. Everything they do is in the spirit of aloha — a natural love of welcoming others. When you are planning something as important as your wedding, the people of Kauai will go out of their way to make you feel special. This next-level hospitality not only makes the planning more enjoyable but also fills you with the sense that you are doing something truly personal. Would you like a flaming tiki-lit ceremony under swaying palms? Piles of plumeria blossoms lining your aisle? Would you like a ukulele player to serenade your fiance with his favorite Bob Marley song? The locals are only too happy to help in a way that makes you feel like they aren’t working for you but creating something meaningful with you. 

3. Easy Logistics:

Throwing a wedding in the tropics is beyond exciting, but there are also some pesky logistics that can mess with its success. For starters, many exotic destinations like Tahiti or Bali are far-flung, making for long travel times from the United States. Asking your family to fly for days through multiple time zones and then be fresh for such a momentous occasion might be a lot to ask. (Especially of grandma!) In addition, many of these locales are in foreign lands with unfamiliar languages, laws, and regulations. The island of Kauai is logistically easier in almost every way. It is closer to the mainland but still in the tropics and every bit as exotic as anywhere in the world. Kauai also offers the convenience of being part of the United States with all of its built-in safety precautions and known legalities. You’ll spend less time tangling with logistics and more time enjoying this extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime event.

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by Erica Karlin — Koloa Landing Resort