View of the famous Kalalau trail along Na Pali coast of the island of KauaiTaking a hike in the pristine natural environment on the island of Kauai is one of the top sightseeing activities for many individuals, couples and groups who come here for a Kauai vacation. One of the best areas for hiking is along Kauai’s North Shore‘s Na Pali Coast, an area raved about across the globe for its beautiful and unique surroundings.

On the west side, there are many different trails for hikers and Hawaiian sightseeing locations to choose from, of course, so be sure to consider where you want to go before you set out.

The most famous hiking trail on the Nā Pali Coast is the Kalalau Trail. This is located within the Nā Pali Coast state park. The Kalalau Trail extends for 11 miles, with several additional trail offshoots, from the trailhead in Ha’ena State Park, through Hanakapi’ai, Hanakoa Trail and finally Kalalau trail.

The Kalalau Trail on the Hawaiian island of Kauai

Woman Walking Through Kalalau TrailThe Kalalau Trail extends 11-miles and is broken into four different sections. Depending on the level of exertion you’re looking for, any specific sites you may want to view, and how long you want to spend, you’ll be able to tackle different challenges.

To move beyond Hanakapi’ai, you’ll need a permit. It also will become more strenuous and advanced. To navigate the entire trail and come back, it’s really a backpacking expedition, and there are two well-known camping sites at different destinations.

The next phase of the trail is a 2 mile journey leading you to a beautiful waterfall. This is the point of the trail that many individuals want to reach.

It’s a 300-foot tall waterfall which is absolutely breathtaking. It’s recommended that you avoid the final portion of this trail if there is rain or other bad weather, as flash floods could occur, and crossing rocks and streams may be slippery.

From there, you can continue another 4 miles to Hanakoa. You’ll reach the highest point of the trail as you pass through the Hono’o Na Pali Natural Area Reserve. You’ll also be able to find another waterfall, this time even higher.

It’s the 500-foot Hanakoa Falls, and it’s another pristine destination that has to be seen. If you’ve made it this far, it may be time to call it a day and visit the campsite located along the Hanakoa Stream.

Still, there’s another 5 miles of trail left. You’ll pass Pu’ukulua, or the Red Hill, and then Kalalau Stream. You’ll end up with a steep downhill hike which takes you to the Kalalau Beach and campsite.

If you make it all the way there and back, you will have completed a once in a lifetime experience you’ll always cherish!

Visit the Hawaiian State Park Website and Contact Our Kauai Resort for More Info

For more information about the trail, permit requirements, and more, visit Hawaii State Parks website. Of course, you can also feel free to consult with our on-site concierge here at our Kauai Hawaii Resort for more information at any time!