Kris & Tania bride and groom in KauaiYou can think of few things more romantic than a destination wedding and thankfully your fiance loves the idea, too. Destination weddings can be expensive, however, and there are many moving parts, so choosing the locale wisely is vital for your (and your guests’) sanity. The dreamer in you envisions a tropical paradise with swaying palms and golden sands — somewhere with dramatic backdrops for photographs and fun activities for all, but your practical side wants something that will be logistically doable, as you will have friends and family traveling from myriad locales. So you decide to say aloha to the Garden Isle of Kauai which rises to the occasion on both accounts — and in plenty of other ways, too. 

So just what are the top reasons to get married on Kauai?

  1. Location, location, location. The Garden Isle of Kauai is arguably one of the most naturally stunning places on earth. Turquoise waters, the scent of pineapple and plumeria, the hushed sounds of rolling surf, the sun warming your cheeks. Kauai emerged from the sea millions of years before the other Hawaiian islands, which is why it offers the softest sand, the deepest canyon, the wettest mountain and the oldest rainforest. Kauai also remains the least developed island thanks in part to a regulation that nothing may be built taller than a coconut tree. Most of the island remains so wild and unspoiled it is accessible only on foot, by boat or by helicopter. And because Kauai is not as crowded as, say, Oahu, you can have your romantic Hawaii wedding on a beach without 100 unwanted guests wandering across your nuptials. With temperate year-round climate and photo-ready beauty at every turn, Kauai is a couple’s dream location. 

Each shore of the island of Kauai has its own distinct personality offering you options galore, but you and your fiancé fell in love with the South Shore with its abundant sunshine, unrivaled golden coastline and elegant but relaxed vibe. You know you want a ceremony right on the beach but are concerned about your guests’ comfort and convenience. You decide to book accommodations at Koloa Landing for yourselves and your guests because the 25-acre resort feels organic to the natural landscape with its meandering streams, tropical blooms, waterfalls and beautiful pools — all leading down to the sparkling ocean beyond and the best sunset views on the island. The five-minute shuttle ride to Shipwreck Beach meant your ceremony could be on the sand — but not at a crowded hotel-front beach.

2. The friendliest service. Kauai locals embody the spirit of aloha — a natural love of welcoming others, and when you’re in the throes of an occasion as special as your wedding, the people of Kauai go out of their way to offer you next-level hospitality. You are amazed again and again at the gestures of kindness that go above and beyond. This positive spirit not only makes the planning more enjoyable, it also fills you with the sense that you are doing something truly special. Would you like a flaming tiki-lined buffet or a pair of ukulele artists to play “My Girl” during the father-daughter dance? Done. Would you like a Mai Tai-pong table for all your friends during the reception or maybe a 5-tiered, orchid-laden wedding cake? They are only too happy to oblige in a way that makes you feel like they aren’t just working for you but creating something meaningful along with you. Your wedding day is a reflection of you as a couple and that genuine human touch is important to you both. Luckily, this spirit is at the core of everything the Kauai locals do.

3. Stress-free, easy logistics! You and your fiance thought long and hard about asking all of your loved ones to travel for your wedding. A lot of your people reside in Los Angeles, Ohio and New York so you considered travel time and convenience. You decided that unlike Tahiti or Bali, the island of Kauai was close enough — but still in the tropics. It offered the perfect combination of being part of the United States with all of its binding legalities — while also being wonderfully exotic. You knew your guests would appreciate a little less travel time and the convenience of remaining in the US — not to mention all the sunshine of the South Shore. 

Now, on the warm golden sands of Shipwreck Beach, as the wind gently stirs your veil and your almost-husband takes your hands in his in front of all your favorite people, you know that you have chosen well. You turn your eyes to his . . . and he looks as happy as you feel.

Mahalo, Kauai!

For more information about Kauai nuptials, go to Koloa Landing Resort Weddings. You can fill out a contact form or dial our team directly at 808-201-3805. Additionally, here are some truly practical and helpful tips to ensure all goes off without a hitch. 

by Erica Karlin — Koloa Landing Resort